Just Say Hi

“Kind Words Can Be Short And Easy To Speak, But Their Echoes Are Truly Endless.”- Mother Teresa

helloAccording to Psychology Today, Recent research suggests that kindness may improve resiliency by promoting feelings of happiness and peace and supporting immunity.  Cultivating happiness and peace is a key to resiliency because it bolsters one’s ability to stay grounded during difficult times.  It also keeps the body healthy and helps ward off disease.  Additionally, by improving interpersonal relationships, kindness can help build support systems so crucial during crises.

Research aside, think about the last time someone left you a kind note or sent you an email to just say hi, how did those small gestures make you feel? They probably made you feel happy and cared about. It does not take much to make someone’s day, the smallest gesture of kindness make a huge difference to someone.

My challenge to you is commit one small kind gesture to someone different each week. This could be sending an email to a friend just to say or a letter to a loved one, or even just a sticky note on the fridge for your spouse. Any way you can give a little kindness and encouragement will be appreciated more than you know.

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