Ambition Overcomes Adversity

Ambition Is Not Just About Being Successful
And Getting Things Done.


ambition-1Ambition is about being determined enough to overcome adversity. Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 things that did not work.” Truer words were never spoken, particularly when you think of all that Edison did manage to accomplish! However, he noted that for every success he had hundreds of failures. The lesson here is that we must keep trying with determination in order overcome adversity, and that starts with attitude. If you do not think attitude is important, remember what Edison said. He could have listed 10,000 failures but instead he chose to look at them as trials leading up to the eventual breakthrough that brought us the light bulb, the phonograph and hundreds of other successful inventions.

Your attitude determines everything that happens within your world, from your greatest triumphs to your darkest defeats. How we meet with adversity and the attitude we bring to the table will determine the final outcome, regardless of outside circumstances. There are people with cancer who simply refuse to give up and fight with every breath to stay alive. There are also people who succeed in difficult careers, even when they encounter resistance and prejudice, just because they refuse to stop. However, for every winner there are dozens of quitters. When things get hard, it is easy to give up! Fortunately, Ambitious Women know that if you simply keep moving forward, something good is bound to happen!

Keeping on in spite of adversity is tough. Sometimes you do not know where the strength is coming from to carry forward. This is when you rely on your friends and loved ones who care about you and that network you have built of like-minded people who will support you even when you are facing adversity. Never underestimate the power of a good friend’s encouragement when you are facing a tough road ahead!

When you just keep trying and refuse to stop, your ambition and determination can literally overcome adversity and change the outcome of your career, your relationships and your life!

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