Ambitious Women NEVER Arrive

 You Never Actually Get To A Place Where You Can Say, “I Have Arrived.


I never have to set any more goals and I never have to work to change myself in any way again.  I can simply stay right here and be happy.”  I wish I could tell you that the work stops at a certain point, but it does not.  Frankly, I am actually glad, because if we were allowed to “rest on our laurels” most of what we achieve would probably never happen!  Keeping ourselves busy and always setting new goals is what keeps us vibrant and engages our brains, keeping them quick and agile even into our sunset years!

It is amazing to me how the older a woman gets the more incredible things she can accomplish.  While I love my young friends, and I am so proud of the amazing work young women are doing in today’s business world, I have to say that in my experience the older ladies really have the experience and knowledge necessary to do incredible things.  We spend our entire lives gathering the skills and the know-how to run a business or achieve other goals, so it is no surprise that “experience counts!”

Whether you are young or old, however, the same rules apply to be an ambitious woman.  You must be accountable, be humble, be consistent, be loyal, be ambitious, be empowered, choose wisely and have the right attitude.  Ultimately, when you change yourself, you begin to make changes in the world around you.

You’re ready to make a difference!  Ambitious Women want to march forth, bringing others along with us, and make an impact on our world.  However, we cannot do that without being willing to do the hard work necessary to make ourselves successful.  Bill Bradley put it well when he said, “Ambition is the path to success.  Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.”  Stick to your goals, work hard and develop the right attitude about your work and your life and you, too, will make a difference as an Ambitious Woman!

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