I Can Do This!

What Are You Motivated To Do?

I am always fascinated by the power of motivation and how it influences everything in our lives. In order to be successful, you have to get up every morning and tell yourself, “I can do this,” but what makes you do that? What motivates you?
Enthusiasm drives most of the choices we make. Of course, we may also choose to behave a certain way based on our perceptions of responsibility or obligation. We can also even choose to do something because we expect an eventual payoff, such as when we engage in painful exercises in the hope of looking and feeling better at some point in the future. We also make choices in order to avoid pain or a perceived disadvantage, as when we manage to avoid charging something on our credit cards because we do not want to face the big bills.

Ideally, however, ambitious women understand what motivates them from a passionate standpoint. They know the secret of how to tap into that motivation to push themselves to do more.

When the movie Saving Mr. Banks was first released, audiences were fascinated by the story of how Mary Poppins came to be. Walt Disney waited 20 years for the screen rights to that story, but he finally managed to make the movie in 1961. Not only did he know that the movie would be successful but he also knew that children around the world deserved to see it made professionally and beautifully. It was a labor of love for the children of the world, and you better believe Walt Disney was passionate and motivated!

It has been said that you must be passionate about something or disturbed by something in order to be motivated. I believe it is always better to be passionate than to work from a position of negativity, although I realize that negatives can be powerful motivators. Think about how it feels when you look forward to something: the excitement, the physical reaction, the joy you have just thinking of an event. Now think about how you feel when you are facing a relatively unpleasant or boring chore that you could care less about doing. Do you see the difference?

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