Don’t Let Setbacks Set You Back

I Know How Easy It Is To Let Setbacks Take Control And Discourage You As You Move Forward In Life.


After all, there is a reason they are called “setbacks”! However, dealing with disappointment is one of the hallmarks of being an adult and being mentally healthy. In fact, the way we deal with disappointment says a lot about our level of maturity and our overall success.

“Discipline my disappointments” is my mantra. The word “discipline” means to teach. In other words, I must make every disappointment a learning experience. If I can do that, I am on my way to success. Richard Branson said, “A setback is never a bad experience, just another one of life’s lesson.” If you can harness the power of that kind of teaching, you cannot help but grow as a person, as a woman, as a business woman and as an adult.

That is not to stay that this type of learning is easy! Growth is always hard. If you have ever watched a tiny plant struggle from seedling to glorious bloom, you realize that there is a tremendous amount of energy that is expended in that growth. The same holds true with us as humans; times of growth require tremendous energy and work.

Growth may also involve pain. I never learned anything at all from the things I did right the first time; instead, my mistakes and setbacks are when I learned the most about my own level of strength and my own ability to overcome. During the times I was afraid, confused or angry, the most powerful lessons of all were right before me. Had I turned away, I would never have benefitted from that growth opportunity. Instead, I have made it a habit when setbacks occur to examine them closely and ask myself, “What am I supposed to learn here? What lesson is this setback teaching me?” Sometimes the answer is not pleasant, but it is always informative!

Be sure to learn from setbacks and disappointment, and then move on. Do not stay mired in a setback, even if it is educational. Instead, learn what there is to be learned, then keep moving forward with your goals. You will be amazed how much growth you can achieve!