Keep The Sizzle During Summer: Tip #3

Well it’s still summer, and less than 30 days away from the last holiday of the summer: Labor Day.

People are still vacationing and trying to get kids ready for school, or going away to school, so it’s still a

busy time. What are you to do to keep your business going through summer? Don’t wait until

everything “calms down,” that’s for sure! So, tip no. 3:

3. Catch up on your past networking.

I’m sure there are some people you’ve lost touch with. Use this down time to reconnect. Review past

lists or business cards you’ve accumulated that are just sitting on your desk. Email them or even better,

give them a call. Meet someone near you for coffee or lunch. Chances are you are one of the few people

thinking about business right now, so you’ll stand a good chance at getting on that ONE person’s


I know it’s tough when business slows down and you’ve done nothing different than you normally do.

But, this is NOT the time to throw in the towel or panic. Just keep marketing and networking like you did

before. Things WILL turn around and improve. Just like recessions do. We get them every so many years,

and then we bounce back and have so many good years.

Things will certainly not get better if you stop marketing and networking altogether. If you continue, you

will have filled your pipeline by the time people are ready to get involved. And they will! There is

someone out there waiting for you to talk to them, even during the summer. You just have to stay

diligent and that ONE person will become persons!

Keep Summer Sizzlin’……………..Christmas is just around the corner!