Keep The Sizzle During Summer

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Summer slump….it’s something that happens every year in your business. As the temperature goes up, motivation can go down. Especially, if you work for yourself in a home-based business!

It’s tempting to say “forget about it” or “it can wait” and just sit by the pool waiting to work your business when summer is over. But why not capitalize on the hot temperatures and use the “Summer Sizzle” to your advantage?

I have three tips for you that have kept my business booming, even during the summer slump.

Here’s the first tip:


Don’t let your marketing get cold, keep it hot like the summer temperatures!

I know, it is easier said than done, but summer is definitely not the time to pull the plug on any marketing you may have started. Chances are most others will get caught up in the summer slump giving you the perfect opportunity to pull ahead of your competition.

Keep passing out your flyers, marketing materials, keep talking! Use all the fun summer activities and vacation time to market to new people. You don’t have to “go out” to do your business, just “do your business when you’re out.” You’ll find that kid’s pool parties, summer luaus, ball games and all the other fun summer events are the best opportunities to see your friends, meet new ones, and take advantage of the summer sizzle!