Let the Past Stay in the Past

As Human Beings We Can Have A
Tendency To Dwell On The Past.

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We think about how we could have done things better or changed our actions to bring about a different result. I have been sitting around so many times picturing a conversation that has already happened and coming up with other, more brilliant things to have said. And to what end? This obsessive dwelling on the past is not helping anyone.

We cannot go back and change our actions; we can only look to the future and focus on real actions that could change our lives for the better.

Sometimes people stay focused on the past because they think it will define their future. They believe that whatever choices they made in the past have set them on one particular path that they cannot change. This is absolutely not the case! We must all stay optimistic about what the future holds, for we can always change our circumstance in some way.

As Buddha once said, “No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.” All you need is a little encouragement and a positive outlook, focusing not on the past but rather the future and all of the possibilities that it holds.

There are so many people who have gone on from humble beginning to achieve great things. They never let their past define who they were going to become in their future. It is important to maintain a positive attitude because you can never be sure where your past will lead you.

The past can certainly be helpful to you in some cases, but it never has to be something that closes doors for you. As long as you stay positive and work hard, you can always find a way to bring about the future you would like to have, no matter what you have done in the past.

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