Live a Humble Life

It is very important that you realize that you do not achieve your goals alone.


I talk a great deal about empowerment and ambition, but I also know that I cannot do anything by myself.  In my book The Ambitious Woman, I remind my readers that when you realize that you cannot do it alone and that your success was really the efforts of others as well, you are humbled.   It pays to remind ourselves of how others contribute to our success as we form our goals and pursue them.

An ambitious woman is one who does not flaunt her success but instead gives credit where credit is due.  She understands exactly what others have contributed to her life and their contributions inspire an attitude of gratefulness in her.  In fact, an unknown person said, “Greatness is humility that doesn’t need to be noticed.”  I love that quote because to me it embodies the truly grateful spirit that accompanies real success.

In my life, I have had reason to be grateful to many people.  First and foremost are my husband and children.  They have supported me through every phase of my life and they are the real reason I have worked so hard to achieve what I have.  If you have a family who loves and supports you, you are already the richest person on earth, no matter what your bank account says!  Remember that when times are hard or the going gets rough.  Remember that your loving and caring family is often the springboard for your greatest achievements.

Living a humble life is not only about recognizing others’ contributions, however.  It is also about acknowledging our own limitations.  The flipside of ambition is overconfidence.  If we succeed too much, there is a danger in us saying, “This is because I am great.”  That is rarely the case.  You are great, make no mistake, but rarely is that the only reason for success!  Keeping a humble attitude allows you to be respectful and grateful for all the things people have done for you as well as keep your own attitude in line with reality!

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