Our Story: Adam and Michelle Carey

Michelle & Adam Carey are great friends of mine and I am so honored they are in my Ambit family! They have built an incredible business in Ambit Energy and have experienced financial freedom at a young age, and they’re still working for more! Thank you Michelle for your contribution to the blog this week, it encouraged me and I know it will encourage the readers!

Adam & MichelleWe have been a husband and wife team with Ambit Energy for over 5 years now. I was recently reflecting on our journey with this amazing company. We were able to grow in so many facets of our lives. Not only were we able to grow our business intelligence, we were able to also grow in our leadership and mature in our faith. That journey started back in late 2007 when my husband received a call from my mother-in law, Cheryl Spencer. She was extremely excited and preceded to tell him about an opportunity that he just could not pass up. She just got back from Texas and I have never seen her more excited. I thought it was strange, an energy company in Texas? It didn’t make sense to us since we, still living in California, have only known one company, PG&E. Although thoroughly confused, we eventually agreed to take a look to learn more. On a side note, we were skeptical and the only way she could get us to sit down and learn more, was to dangle a home cooked dinner in front of us.

At the time a good meal was a rare treat. I had become accustomed to ordering off the 99-cent “value” menu at various fast food restaurants. The real estate market had started to plummet and my husband was virtually working for free at the boat dealership that could not turn a profit. I was slowly sinking in the muddiness of my credit card debt, avoiding phone calls from creditors that seemed to call me every hour on the hour. Life was stressful, and yet we were “skeptical” at a chance to change our situation. I have to admit, that was one of our more, for lack of a better word, stupid moments. I am so glad that she persisted, because we went from skeptics to die-hard believers. I share that with you because, you may be one of those skeptics, or maybe you have a tinge of doubt lingering in your mind if this will work for you. Or maybe you are on the other end of the equation and you have skeptics that are trying to “warn” you about joining a scam. Either way, you must persist to believe in yourself and the opportunity, and that will cause the skeptics around you, even that little voice that speaks doubt into your ear, to completely have a change of heart.

How do you persist despite the critics and skeptics? Here are 2 things to help you.

1.) Know your WHY. I know you have heard this over and over, and it seems so elementary, but you must know WHY you are doing the business and you must be passionate about fulfilling that mission. If you are not passionate about it, you will have a hard time inviting people to take a look.

2.) Listen to the people that are having success, not the people who quit and failed. Notice that I didn’t just say failed. You will fail sometimes in the business; you will still succeed as long as you never quit. Esther used to tell us, “You must discipline your disappointments.” Let me ask you this, if you were to become a real estate agent, would you ask advice from someone that just took the test to get licensed and complains that the real estate market was hard so they quit, or would you ask advice from the top producers of the company that keep having results regardless of the challenges? Exactly. If you buy into their opinions you run the risk of buying their lifestyle, so be aware of whom you take your advice from.

Why are we so passionate about this company? Well, we went from trying to keep afloat in our finances to becoming completely financially free. Meaning that just from people paying a gas or electric bill, that pays all of our monthly expenses, whether we work or not. We paid off all 7 of my credit cards and was proudly able to tell those pesky creditors that it’s all been paid off. I am no longer a slave to my debt.

Our jobs went from full-time, to part-time and then to no time, and now, we own our time. We are so thankful and humbled to have had an opportunity this profound to come across our lives and we truly believe that it is our life’s mission to help other people do the same. No matter where you are in evaluating this company, whether a guest or a consultant, I hope you take this business seriously, because you can truly create the lifestyle that you have always dreamed about. Lastly, always remember that life isn’t about clocking in to make money; it should be about clocking out to make memories. God bless you and I look forward to seeing you share your story in the future.