Stay Positive

Even When Situations Are Painful,
You Can Choose A Positive Attitude.

You may not realize that your attitude is a choice, but it is! You can change your attitude and your outlook just by changing how you approach a subject or by thinking about something positive. Think positively, make the best of things and soon you will find your circumstances are beginning to change, as well.

I fully believe that we have power over the things that happen to us, and can change those things for the better by changing our attitudes. Joyce Meyer says, “A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you,” and this is absolutely true! When you allow your circumstances to control your attitude, get ready for a wild ride because you are going to be on a roller coaster of emotions! Instead of responding to everything that is happening around you, what if you looked deep inside and drew strength from a positive outlook? It is like building a shelter around yourself in the middle of a hurricane. No matter what happens, your inner attitude stays the same, giving you a bedrock foundation on which to build and move forward.

I know that it is hard to stay positive sometimes. When you feel sadness, negativity, anger or despair creeping in to your life, acknowledge it. Being positive does not mean being silly! Of course there are going to be time when our circumstances are challenging. What I am saying is not that you should never be upset; instead, I am saying that when you are upset, you should be able to turn inward, assess your position calmly and stay positive. If you can do that, you are on your way to controlling your circumstances instead of having your circumstances control you.
When you think positively and make the best of things you are not operating from a position of weakness. You are operating from a position of power. Your life will revolve around positive steps that can make you much more productive and give you resources to handle life’s problems!

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