Taking Your Business Seriously

John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence. People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.” But what does that mean exactly? That means taking your business seriously.

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So, let’s talk about how seriously you take your business – do you make sure to use your influence to improve other people’s lives? Do you spend time developing leadership strengths in other people personally and professionally?

Do you focus on the personal and spiritual growth alongside the professional growth of those you’re leading? If you strive to become a leader that people buy into, I’d say you’re pretty serious about your business!

People see that you are serious about your business and they see the successful results.  If you are successful, people are drawn to you and want what you want. They begin to take you seriously and listen when you talk to them about a business opportunity. It is then, and only then, they buy into the vision.

Do you want people to take your business opportunity seriously?  Then you MUST take your business seriously! You cannot treat it like a hobby or a pastime and you must develop others while you develop your business.

Begin using your influence now and become a leader people buy into. Success follows.

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