To Inspire Is Incredible

What Inspires You?


What if I told you that you can be your own biggest inspiration? That may seem strange, but it is true. You are your biggest source of inspiration if you know how to motivate yourself. Someone once said, “If ever there was a time to follow your passion and do something that matters to you now is certainly that time.” I like this quote because it puts the focus back where it belongs: on you! It is important for you to realize that true inspiration comes from within, not without. While we might be inspired by someone else’s story or by something we witness, ultimately it comes back to internal motivation if we are to be truly inspired to do what we want to do!

Your source of inspiration will drive you to move beyond the status quo If you are content with doing something the same old way, you will never achieve anything important. Millions of people are doing it the same old way! Instead, why not do something different and stand out from the crowd?
You must remember that whatever inspires you will take you out of your comfort zone. This is why so many people never follow their dreams or pursue their passions: because moving outside the status quo can be uncomfortable. Change can be frightening, and breaking new ground means, by definition, making changes. In many cases, you are trying things you have never tried before and doing things in ways that are not familiar. You may not be able to find much support for your endeavors simply because so few people know how to do what you are doing!
Still, if you keep up the hard work, you can truly be your own best inspiration. It all starts with attitude: tell yourself at all times that you can accomplish your goals. Set your goals just above what you think you can attain and you will surprise yourself with how quickly you reach them! Call on your supportive group of friends and family to hold you accountable, give you the cheering section you need and ultimately underpin your success.
Remember that the only thing that can truly drive you to pursue your passion is you!

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